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Hi Annette, hope all’s well for you too. Yes life is better. Annie our social worker visits

Dear Annette,

Me and my foster kids are doing great and looking forward to those two weeks payments from


Annette, great service!

We had no idea how easy it was to go with another fostering agency and we are


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Thanks again Annette. It’s been nice to work with someone who is friendly and professional. Your service


Dear Annette

Been approved for 4 months now and we wish we’d moved agency years ago. We want to


Hi Annette,

Hope all’s well for you too. Yes life is better. Annie our social worker visits when she


Why foster carers transfer

Some foster carers want to acquire specific experience such as parent and child fostering, therapeutic fostering or caring for disabled children. This may be more possible in another fostering agency.

Issues of payment and remuneration may be the major factors. Foster carers may love their work but they also need allowances and fees to be at a level that recognises the commitment and skills.

Lack of well matched placements is a common reason to move fostering agency. It is important that the occupancy rates, any arrangements for retainer payments and gaps between placements is known.

Some foster carers want to move agencies because their training needs are not being met. Some carers want be able to progress to NVQ and foundation courses.

The availability and arrangements for respite are important issues which can make or break a placement. Some fostering agencies are better than others at providing respite care for foster carers and foster children.

Supervision and support is essential for all foster carers to do their job well and safely. Fostering agencies offer different levels of support.

A decision to change agencies may be around the needs of specific children who might be provided better support, such as ‘foster children’s support groups’.

It may make arrangements easier for foster carers of siblings sharing contact and respite to be managed by the same fostering agency.

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