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Hi Annette, hope all’s well for you too. Yes life is better. Annie our social worker visits

Dear Annette,

Me and my foster kids are doing great and looking forward to those two weeks payments from


Annette, great service!

We had no idea how easy it was to go with another fostering agency and we are


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Thanks again Annette. It’s been nice to work with someone who is friendly and professional. Your service


Dear Annette

Been approved for 4 months now and we wish we’d moved agency years ago. We want to


Hi Annette,

Hope all’s well for you too. Yes life is better. Annie our social worker visits when she


Impact of Transferring Agency

All the research that looks at the views and experiences of foster children and foster carers find that it is especially important that children in foster care feel valued within a safe, stable, loving family situation.

Foster children’s health and well-being is connected to them taking part in typical family life. Foster children place a high value on their foster carers and in particular, on the stability of their place within foster familes.

Foster carers and their families are often the only positive role models a child has experienced on his or her journey to make friendships, achieve a good education, improve their mental health and behaviour and make a positive contribution to society.

It is therefore imperative that the foster carer and their family feel confident in the agency the are contracted to, that they are fully supported and their views respected. Some foster carers needs are not being met by their current fostering agency and the best option is to change the agency by transferring their approval.

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