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Hi Annette, hope all’s well for you too. Yes life is better. Annie our social worker visits

Dear Annette,

Me and my foster kids are doing great and looking forward to those two weeks payments from


Annette, great service!

We had no idea how easy it was to go with another fostering agency and we are


Just to say…

Thanks again Annette. It’s been nice to work with someone who is friendly and professional. Your service


Dear Annette

Been approved for 4 months now and we wish we’d moved agency years ago. We want to


Hi Annette,

Hope all’s well for you too. Yes life is better. Annie our social worker visits when she



  1. I am thinking of transferring, will I be able to continue caring for my current looked after children, or will they be removed?
    Answer: If it’s best for the children, they remain with you.
  2. Will my weekly payments be affected and will I be without financial support during the transfer?
    Answer: Your payments are not affected.
  3. Can I be assured that I will not be pressurised by my old agency in any way or not be blacklisted?
    Answer: Yes and you cannot be blacklisted.
  4. How long will the process take?
    Answer: Between two and four months.
  5. What happens if I am unhappy with the new agency and they don’t keep their promises?
    Answer: That is extremely unlikely. Our involvement reduces this small risk.
  6. Is there another carer who has been through the transfer I can talk to?
    Answer: Yes, contact Annette.