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Fostering Agency Transfers

Foster carers - get the agency support you deserve! Let us help you to transfer fostering agency

We continue to support the many foster carers who have worked with us. Read what they say...

Transfer agency with children in placement and as well as all the benefits, receive up to £4000 a year

What We Do

As qualified social workers with over 30 years of experience, we use our considerable knowledge of the support packages that fostering agencies have to offer to find the best match for foster carers who have decided to change their fostering agency.

Every year several thousand foster carers give up fostering because of becoming disillusioned by the service they receive from their fostering agency. We know that if the initial anxiety about moving agency was reduced, more foster carers would continue to foster – this is where we step in.

We act on behalf of approved foster carers to identify the best agency or agencies for them then negotiate the most beneficial pay and support package with the chosen agency.

Starting the process:

  1. Complete the on line confidential enquiry form.
  2. We will analyse the information and contact you if we have any questions. We will locate two or three agencies on our database that best meet your requirements.
  3. If you have foster children in placement we will contact you to discuss your situation in depth, to explain your right to transfer fostering agency and to to clarify what your requirements are such as improved respite and or payments.
  4. We will contact the agencies who we know can meet your requirements and without divulging any of your personal details, negotiate on your behalf,  the best package the agency or agencies can offer.
  5. We contact you with the offers from the agency or agencies then you decide which agency or agencies you would like to have contact from regarding transferring to them.
  6. Once we have agreed with you, and only on your instruction, will we arrange for the formal transfer process to commence
  7. We will monitor the transfer and be available to you to answer any questions you might have

Foster children in placement will not be effected by the transfer process which takes 2 to 4 months during which time your payments and agency support are not affected .

If you would like further information, contact Annette.

Foster care crisis

Good news

The year on year shortage of foster placements in the UK is being compounded by social workers being more prepared to apply to the courts for the authority to remove children from dysfunctional or abusive parents.

The increasing numbers of children coming into care suggests that social workers are being more proactive, probably  based on their new found confidence that their managers are more prepared to back their decisions due to the number of cases of abuse and child deaths at the hands of their carers  and regardless of  putting more pressure on the looked after care system, consequently saving more children from on-going abuse and it’s lifelong effects.

More could be done.

Research finds that about 50% of children discharged from care to their natural parents experience   break down in family relationships again causing another episode of care. The most common reason is that not enough preventative work had been completed and the reasons which led to the child coming into care in the first place had not been addressed.

Picking up the pieces

Foster carers are unique in the care system, they are self-employed, work long hours often for little remuneration and in often stressful situations dealing with children who may be displaying difficult behaviours as the result of suffering extreme emotional problems – and all this in the carers family home.

14 per cent of foster carers leave the profession each year.

The numbers are difficult to pin down but foster carers retire, have had enough or move on to other things but the fact is that a significant number stop fostering because they feel that their voice is not equal to those of the ‘professionals’ involved in their foster children’s care-  and that’s inexcusable.

Note to Fostering Providers

Keeping foster carers fostering

Fostering children is promoted as career path by fostering providers and so it should be. Let’s just make sure that foster carers who are one of our most valuable and cost effective child care  resources,  can really benefit, both in their personal development and financial security, from the efforts they make whilst working on our behalf in their chosen  ‘career’.

FTA Editor